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We are modifying our daily routine here in the kitchen to provide food in a safe manner.  We are also making each of our recipes with your immune system in mind.

**APRIL 3**



**For now we are suspending hot food service, all food will be individually wrapped and sealed and cold or frozen** 

Email us at with your specific order, your telephone number and what day you would like to pick up. You will receive a confirmation email with any extra comments I may have 🙂



MOUSSAKA – roasted eggplant, local ground beef, bechamel. $18 / $10 COMES FROZEN

PASTICHIO – pasta, local ground beef, bechamel $18 / $10 COMES FROZEN

SWEET POTATO SHEPARD’S PIE – local ground beef, local hot sausage, mashed sweet potatoes – GLUTEN FREE $18 / $10 COMES FROZEN

MUSHROOM MOUSSAKA – A variety of mushrooms from Haw River Mushrooms are the base of our “ragu” that we use to replace the meat in our classic moussaka.  Get more mushrooms in your body to help build your immune system!  VEGETARIAN $24 for the large       COMES FROZEN

NOTE – The $18 casseroles are in 2.5# containers and are 3 to 4 servings.  The $10 casseroles are in 1# containers and are 1 to 2 servings.  All of our casseroles are frozen with instructions on how to cook off at home.

GREEK YOGURT CURRY CHICKEN – our thick greek yogurt blended with lots of turmeric and curry spices makes the sauce for our curry roasted boneless chicken breast.  GLUTEN FREE 1/2lb $9    1lb $16


GIGANTES (Giant White Beans) – A greek specialty, these delicious giant white beans are cooked with local cutting celery, local parsley and Marshall’s Produce tomato juice plus plenty of onions and garlic and olive oil.  VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE  8oz $4

COCKTAIL SPANAKOPITA – little triangles packed with spinach, onions and feta all wrapped in filo dough – delish!  can also purchase frozen so you can bake at home $1 ea

SUPER IMMUNE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP – Our homemade chicken broth with local ginger, turmeric and Donna’s upstate NY garlic, In Good Heart Farm carrots and celery, Cliff’s chicken – DAIRY FREE quart $12

HAW RIVER MUSHROOMS CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP – A delicious healthy batch of Haw River Mushrooms variety of mushrooms, local ginger, local leeks and a rich coconut milk broth. And thanks to Laura we’re adding grated dried reishi mushrooms to the pot! – VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE quart $16

AVGOLEMONO – Homemade chicken broth, chicken, local eggs, fresh lemon juice – GLUTEN FREE quart $12

LENTIL SOUP – Homemade veggie broth packed with turmeric and lots of carrots – VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE quart  $9

GREEN CHILE BEEF STEW – Our regulars know this soup well.  Our beef broth with local stew beef, local roasted anaheims, corn, carrots and potatoes.  DAIRY FREE, GLUTEN FREE  quart $15

EAST BRANCH GINGER MICRO SALAD – a serious mix of nutrient dense micro greens – just what your body needs right now <3.  Dressing available upon request $0.50 – VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE    Large salad $16

ANGELINA’S GREEK SALAD – a mix of In Good Heart Farm and Screechowl Greenhouse lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes and East Branch Ginger micros along with feta, dolmades, kalamata olives and our delicious lemon olive oil dressing – regular $9   large $12

FALAFEL – our made from scratch falafel – sold by the piece – they’re great for at least a week! VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE $1 ea

BEECHCREST FARM SLOW ROASTED BEEF – Delicious chuck and shoulder cooked low and slow in it’s natural juice  GLUTEN FREE 1/2 lb   $12      1lb $20

LEMON PAPRIKA CHICKEN – Cliff’s boneless chicken breast marinated with olive oil, paprika and lemon juice.  Great on a salad or over rice  1/2lb $8  1lb $14

BROWN RICE – cooked with a dash of olive oil VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE 16 oz $3

TZATZIKI – our super thick greek yogurt and Screech Owl cucumbers and Donna’s delicious garlic GLUTEN FREE  8oz $5    16 oz $10

SCREECH OWL GREENHOUSES – Screech has LOTS of fresh greenhouse cucumbers! $2.5 ea large   and $1 ea for the small  or 6 small for $5

VARIETY DESSERTS  – Olive oil brownies $2 ; Cajeta Olive oil brownies $3; Carrot Cake $5; Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting $3

BAKLAVA – Made from scratch with dried rose petals from Bob and Camille and honey from Busy Bee Farms ea piece $3


Beef Bone Broth – ready late next week

Roasted half chicken greek style with roasted potatoes – combo with a salad and you’re set!

Mushroom Lasagna and Beef lasagna … coming next week – probably by thursday !

CAROLINA LAMB SLOW ROASTED LAMB – we roasted shanks and shoulders and took off the bone – roasted with fresh mint from ScreechOwl and fresh garlic cloves.  Really good!  1/2 lb $14  1lb $24 

cake cake cake – we’ll have some tasty 3 layer cakes thanks to Sarah and Vickie baking this weekend. some kinda fancy chocolate cake and Diane Patterson’s recipe carrot cake! more shinanigans will make an appearance!



  • Email us at with your specific order, your telephone number and what day you would like to pick up. You will receive a confirmation email with any extra comments I may have 🙂






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