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We make each of our recipes with your immune system in mind.

**JULY 10**


Please remain in your vehicle and we’ll bring food to your car  

**For now we are suspending hot food service, all food will be individually wrapped / cold or frozen** 

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MOUSSAKA – roasted eggplant, Beechcrest Farm ground beef, bechamel. $18 / $10 COMES FROZEN

PASTICHIO – pasta, Beechcrest Farm ground beef, bechamel $18/ $10 COMES FROZEN

SWEET POTATO SHEPARD’S PIE – Beechcrest Farm ground beef and sausage, mashed sweet potatoes – GLUTEN FREE $18 / $10 COMES FROZEN

MUSHROOM MOUSSAKA – A variety of mushrooms from Haw River Mushrooms are the base of our “ragu” that we use to replace the meat in our classic moussaka.  Get more mushrooms in your body to help build your immune system!  VEGETARIAN $24 /  $14

NOTE – The large casseroles are in 2.5# containers and are 3 to 4 servings.  The small casseroles are in 1# containers and are 1 to 2 servings.  All of our casseroles are frozen with instructions on how to cook off at home.

** SOUPS **

AVGOLEMONO – Homemade chicken broth, chicken, local eggs, fresh lemon juice – GLUTEN FREE quart $12

LENTIL SOUP – Homemade veggie broth packed with turmeric and lots of carrots – VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE quart  $9

CARROT GINGER SOUP – Delicious baby carrots from Four Oaks Farm, fresh grated ginger and leeks and a good shake of Emily’s amazing spice blends from Heart Song Farm  make for a delicious soup – DAIRY FREE VEGAN quart $13

BEEF BONE BROTH – Beechcrest Farm marrow bones, Chatham Marketplace filtered water, organic apple cider vinegar and a touch of In Good Heart Farm cutting celery. GLUTEN FREE mason jar included – we are not accepting recycle jars at this time quart $15


ANGELINA’S GREEK SALAD – Screech Owl Greenhouse lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers along with feta, dolmades, kalamata olives and our delicious lemon olive oil dressing –   large $12

HEARTSONG FARM STRING BEANS super fresh variety of string beans from Heartsong Farm cooked with Four Oaks Farm carrots, olive oil and dill  16 oz $6

BAKED VEGGIE RICE – A vegan mix of white rice, leeks, shallots, Marshall’s Produce grated squash, roasted Screech Owl Greenhouse tomato, Marshall’s Produce tomato juice, East Branch Ginger parsley, turmeric, a good shake of Heart Song Farm spice blend goodness and lots of extra virgin olive oil in a 7″ round foil pan VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE $7

COCKTAIL SPANAKOPITA – little triangles packed with spinach, onions and feta all wrapped in filo dough – delish!  can also purchase frozen so you can bake at home 3 pack $4

FALAFEL – our made from scratch falafel – they’re great for at least a week! VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE  3 pack $4

TZATZIKI – our super thick greek yogurt and Screech Owl cucumbers and Donna’s delicious garlic GLUTEN FREE  8oz $5

HUMMUS – our version of this tasty chickpea dip made with tahini, Donna’s garlic, lemon juice and olive oil VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE 8oz $5


LEMON PAPRIKA CHICKEN – Cliff’s boneless chicken breast marinated with olive oil, paprika and lemon juice.  Great on a salad or over rice GLUTEN FREE 1/2lb $8  1lb $14

BEECHCREST FARM SLOW ROASTED BEEF – Delicious chuck and shoulder cooked low and slow in it’s natural juice  GLUTEN FREE 1/2 lb   $12      1lb $20


GF STRAWBERRY CAKE – Sarah made a delicious strawberry gf cake with cream cheese strawberry frosting!  GF  $5 – ON SALE $2.50

CARROT CAKE – Secret recipe from Diane – best carrot cake .  $5 slice

FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE TORTE – a serious Callebaut dark chocolate cake with no grains at all! Just a few bites will do the trick and satisfy the most serious of chocolate cravings. GF $5

BAKLAVA – Made from scratch with dried rose petals from Bob and Camille and honey from Busy Bee Farms 2 pack $7

OLIVE OIL BROWNIES – triple chocolate and olive oil plus local eggs makes for some tasty brownies $2 ea


** PANTRY **

SCREECH OWL GREENHOUSE TOMATOES!! We have a limited amount of Screech’s delicious tomatoes for sale at the shop.   3 lb bags $15

SCREECH OWL GREENHOUSE – cucumbers.  small euro cucumbers $1 ea – 6 for $5

PITA BREAD – our delicious pita available frozen in a 10 pack. You can cook in a good skillet, or cut in half and cook in your toaster.  $9

MARSHALL’S PRODUCE  – delicious bottled tomato juice! just two ingredients – tomatoes and salt.  Marshall uses his peak season tomatoes and processes bottled tomato juice to enjoy the flavor year round  $4/12 oz bottle


let me know what you have a hankering for 🙂  we’re flexible

CHICKEN CACCIATORE – boneless chicken thighs cooked with Screech Owl Greenhouse grated tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers, leeks and shallots  1lb container $16

Artichokes and Peas – a delicious village greek dish.  artichokes, peas, carrots, potatoes, plenty of dill, lemon juice and olive oil.  I’m a fan 🙂 hope you’ll enjoy too





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