2.5       Tarus Snack Pack – A grilled pita with 2 oz humus and 2 oz tzatziki

3          Snack Attack – Medium tater tots with 2 oz humus or 2 oz tzatziki

5          YaYa Snack – Lentil soup with pick 2: spinach pie, falafel

8          Pappou Snack – 3 falafel, 3 spinach pies,  2 dolma, 1/2 grilled pita and 2 oz humus or tzatziki


Add to any salad:           $4.50  slow roasted local beef or lemon paprika chicke

$3.50  three pieces falafel or 3 spinach


9 / 12  Greek Salad – Mixed lettuce, microgreens, feta, kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber

5         Side Greek Salad – mini version of the salad above

8 / 11  Garden Salad –Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber


All our soups are made from scratch with homemade broths

3.5       Lentil Soup – made in house with plenty of veggies and turmeric

4.5       Avgolemono (Greek Chicken Soup) – made in house, the classic greek soup made with local eggs and fresh squeezed lemon juice

5.5       Green Chile Beef Stew – made in house using local beef bones, beef and chile (fall and winter)


All Sandwiches are made to order.  Your choice of 3 toppings – extra topping $.75 ea

GF Pita available add $1.5


10          Beef Gyro – Our local slow roasted beef served on grilled pita

9          Chicken Gyro – Our paprika lemon chicken served on grilled pita

8       Falafel Pita – Our made from scratch falafel served on grilled pita

7.50         Humus Pita – Our made from scratch humus served on grilled pita


A large scoop of brown rice topped with your choice of veggie and meat

VEGGIES – Lentils, Braised veggie du jour

MEATS – Slow roasted local beef, Paprika Lemon Chicken, Green Chile Beef Stew


9          Veggie Bowl – your choice of one or two of the veggie toppings

10          Meat Bowl – your choice of one meat and one veggie topping

12       Super Meat Bowl – your choice of two meat toppings (or double one meat)


KIDS MEALS (10 and under with purchase of adult meal)

4          Pick one entrée, one side and either rice or ½ pita bread

ENTRÉE    Chicken Gyro, Slow roasted Beef, ½ cup soup, Falafel (2), Spinach (2)

SIDE   Humus, Tzatziki, Tater Tots, Frozen berries




All family dinners served with

  •     Large Greek Salad
  •     4 pita bread
  •     8 oz tzatziki AND 8 oz humus – or 16 oz of either

40        1 Lb Slow Roasted Local Beef  

35        1 Lb Lemon Paprika Chicken

31        1 Dz Falafel

31        1 Dz Spinach Pies




We always have a section of made from scratch desserts in the shop.

We also always have our homemade baklava made using local honey

1 pc $3                            ½ dz pc $17                          1 dz pc $34


All past Weekly Specials