Friday, Aug 10

it’s another excellent morning in the kitchen – we have so many fun veggies hanging around!  The highlight is mushrooms from both Woodfruit (Nick and Rob) and Robert Sprenger – beautiful oyster and shitake mushrooms.  Serendipity pushed which way the mushrooms were going in the kitchen …. Nick called and said Rob was in town with mushrooms .. then 5 minutes later a gentleman called and asked when would we make moussaka again …. then 3 minutes later another lady called and said she is totally needing a vegetarian moussaka.  And the final part of the dance?  Sam Hudson shows up with yet another box of eggplant!  One of the reasons I LOVE chatham county and our farmers … the ingredients literally walk themselves through the door and our job is to simply cook what they want to be!

$5 Special – Cup of Lentil Soup, Vichyssoise or Greek Chicken Soup with one spinach pie and one cheese pie

MOUSSAKA – enjoy this delicious traditional greek eggplant casserole made with 95% local ingredients!  Our meat version features ground lamb from Lisa Duff and Cohen Farm ground pork.  Our vegetarian version features oyster mushrooms from Woodfruit and shitakes from Robert S.  The eggplant is a mix of Screech Owl’s fairytale eggplant and Sam Hudson’s eggplant.  And the bechamel was made using Lindley mills flour, Maola Dairy milk and Homeland Creamery butter.  $8.50 ADD a side salad $3

Chile Shack John’s Empanadas – not in the mood for the greek thing?  John has you covered with a super delicious empanada that he’s made up on his own.  He has hooked up some pinto beans, Cohen Farm pork shanks, some of his frito pie meat mix and some of his love …. these things are addictive!

RICE BOWL – our signature brow rice bowl with your choice of any or all of the dishes below.  $7 veggie only  $8 with meat

  • Green Chile Beef Stew
  • Lentils with carrots and extra turmeric
  • Smith Angus Farm Slow Roasted beef brisket
  • String Beans greek style


  • Green Chile Beef Stew – our local beef stew with local beef, local green chiles, corn, onions, carrots and beans
  • Lentil Soup – Our signature lentil soup, good any day, with plenty of carrots and turmeric for our bodies
  • Avgolemono (Greek Chicken Soup) – a classic greek soup found in every greek home, made with homemade chicken broth and local eggs and fresh lemon juice
  • Vichyssoise – a vegan cold soup made with corolla potatoes from Forever Green Farm and leeks from Bill Dow’s – amazing!


  • Joan Thompson’s Cookies – best in the county!  2 – $1
  • Olive Oil Brownies – dark chocolate brownies made with olive oil $1.50
  • GF Lemon Pound Cake Muffins!!! $2
  • Little Dipper’s Italian Ice – made right here in PBO! Mango or Lemon $2
  • Katie’s Cheesecake – $3.50
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