Friday, Jul 27

Having Mom in town while we’re so busy has been interesting and more fun than I thought it would be!  thanks Mom xo.  mom’s on a diet so no great cooking lessons going on, good thing she shared so much with me when I was younger!  Be sure to cook with you kids – that’s the best time to get things to sink into their brains : )

$5 Special – Cup of Lentil Soup or Vichyssoise with one spinach pie and one cheese pie

$5 Special Special – a veggie stuffed pepper with a side salad!

Chile Shack John’s TACO SALAD!

Smith Angus Beef or Lilly Den Pork – $8   Ground beef and beans – $7.50  Vegetarian Spicy Beans $7

Your choice of salsas .. Tomatillo Salsa (from Screech Owl) or Salsa Fresca (local tomato and cilantro)

for our GF peeps … make it a Frito Pie! $7

$8 Lilly Den Farm Pork Shoulder OR Smith Angus Farm Beef Shoulder Pita Sandwich – served on a grilled pita with your choice of three toppings

$7 Chicken Salad Salad – our signature chicken salad on a bed of greens with 1/2 grilled pita

RICE BOWL – our signature brow rice bowl with your choice of any or all of the dishes below.  $7 veggie only  $8 with meat

  • Green Chile Beef Stew
  • Lentils with carrots and extra turmeric
  • Lilly Den Farm Pork Shoulder
  • Smith Angus Farm beef Shoulder
  • Roasted Eggplant – local eggplant baked with tomatoes from Adrian Thorn – delish!


  • Green Chile Beef Stew – our local beef stew with local beef, local green chiles, corn, onions, carrots and beans $5
  • Lentil Soup – Our signature lentil soup, good any day, with plenty of carrots and turmeric for our bodies $3.50
  • Avgolemono (Greek Chicken Soup) – a classic greek soup found in every greek home, made with homemade chicken broth and local eggs and fresh lemon juice $4
  • Vichyssoise – our vegetarian version of a fabulous cold leek and potato soup.  The great news?  It’s 99% Chatham County local!!!!!  Bill Dow’s leeks with Forever Green Farm coroalla potatoes.  $3.50 cup


  • Joan Thompson’s Cookies – best in the county!  2 – $1
  • Olive Oil Brownies – dark chocolate brownies made with olive oil $1.50
  • Katie Bennett’s Fabulous Cheesecake! $3.50
  • GF Lemon Pound Cake Muffin $2
  • Little Dipper’s Italian Ice – made right here in PBO! Mango or Lemon $2
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