Tuesday, Jan 3

a chilly blast to remind us it’s winter!  When you buy from our local farmers these weather spurts mean something – for example yesterday we got two calls from farmers looking to unload veggies that would not live through the night temps – a “wind”fall for you and us : )  ok – I know that’s a little cheesy, but I was amused and hope you are smiling too!  Come on by and warm up with our home cooking full of the love and labor of our local farmers.

$5 SPECIAL – a cup lentil soup with 1 cheese pie and 1 spinach pie

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas  OLE! – Thanks to Maria and her amazing cookery we are serving up a hot dish full of Monterey Jack cheese, Screech Owl roasted green chilies and Cliff’s chicken.  $8

a special batch of GLUTEN FREE Greek Chicken Soup (Avgolemono) – my friend Angela came by yesterday looking for avgolemono made with rice.  Since I hate to say no – I whipped up a small batch today.  First come, first served $3.75

RICE BOWL – our brown rice topped with your choice or any or all of the following: ($6.75 veg only $8 with meat)  all our rice toppings are gluten free

  • Green Chile Beef Stew – Smith Angus Farm stew beef, Screech Owl hot green chiles, homemade beef broth, lots of veggies.
  • Lentils – Lentils, turmeric, carrots and a good dose of garlic.  Add to any dish!
  • Greens Bake come get in on the greens dish that packs in more greens per bite than any other dish. This batch features Wanda’s turnip greens, Screech Owl rainbow swiss chard, Screech Owl parsley, Piedmont Biofarm spinach, Rocky River carrots local eggs, feta and a touch of ricotta.


Lentil Soup – A soup full of carrots, garlic and turmeric $3.25

Green Chile Beef Stew – our green chile stew made using homemade beef broth, Screech Owl green chiles, Smith Angus stew beef and lots of veggies ($4.75)

Greek Chicken Soup – a fresh batch of our homemade chicken broth and orzo soup finished with fresh lemon juice and local eggs ($3.75)


Joan Thompson’s Delicious Cookies – cookies $0.65 ea  or 2 for $1

Abilicious GLUTEN FREE goodies– All I know is we’ve ordered a TON of chocolate chip cookies from Abi – woowhoo!!! 2 chocolate chip cookies $1  GF Vegan sweet potato Brownie! $1.50

Amazing Apple Cake – Judy Hogan’s recipe, Okfuskee Farm grown and milled rye flour!, Olivia’s eggs, homeland creamery butter and a good dose of walnuts, currants, raisins and golden raisins – this is one of the healthiest delicious cakes around and chock full of Chatham County goodness!  $2.50 slice / $12 cake

Olive Oil Brownies! – dark chocolate, milk chocolate and olive oil – what’s not to luv? ($1.50)

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