Tuesday, Oct 23

a beautiful day in the kitchen with another take on King John’s steak n cheese – new bread – grilled onions – grilled Screech owl rainbow bells – roasted green chiles …. you design the hoagie you want.  Also in the shop is a HUGE box of ROMA apples from western NC thanks to Ed and Joyce – our favorite Alpaca farmers!

$5 Special – Cup of Lentil Soup with one spinach pie and one cheese pie

$7.75 King John London Broil Steak n Cheese – Our idea of an beef au jus meets steak n cheese – Smith Angus Farm london broil with your choice of the following toppings – grilled onions, grilled Screech owl rainbow bells, roasted green chiles, Webster farm tomatoes (a serious score I might add!) provolone cheese, cheddar cheese.  mmmmm   add a side of tater tots for $2.75

$8 Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie – now a classic, a layer of local ground beef, hot sausage, roasted beef and roasted pork mixed with atouch of roasted green chiles and carrots and topped with whipped sweet potatoes from Wanda.  Add a side salad $3

$8 Smith Angus Farm and Lilly Den Farm slow roasted beef brisket and shoulder Pita Sandwich – served on a grilled pita with your choice of three toppings

RICE BOWL – our signature brow rice bowl with your choice of any or all of the dishes below. $7 veggie only $8 with meat

  • Green Chile Beef Stew
  • Lentils with carrots and extra turmeric
  • Smith Angus Farm Slow Roasted beef brisket and Lilly Den Farm shoulder
  • Braised Leeks from Bill Dow and Daryl


  • Green Chile Beef Stew – our local beef stew with local beef, local green chiles, corn, onions, carrots and beans $5
  • Lentil Soup – Our signature lentil soup, good any day, with plenty of carrots and turmeric for our bodies $3.25
  • Avgolemono (Greek Chicken Soup) – a classic greek soup found in every greek home, made with homemade chicken broth and local eggs and fresh lemon juice. $4


  • Joan Thompson’s Cookies best in the county! 2 for $1
  • Katie’s Cheesecake NY style with a twist of lemon $3.50
  • GF Lemon Pound Cake Muffins $2
  • Olive Oil Brownies dark chocolate brownies made with olive oil $1.50
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