Weekly Menu April 30


All soup prices include a $1.50 jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar

7 Avgolemono – greek chicken soup

One of our signature items featuring local eggs and fresh lemon juice to create the traditional creamy soup with no dairy!  GF

6 Lentil Soup

Our version of lentil soup includes plenty of turmeric, carrots, garlic and onion (vegan and GF)

8 Green Chile Beef Stew

Our most requested soup year round, homemade beef broth from local beef bones, plenty of local stew beef, a good dose of locally grown roasted green chiles and veggies.  Eat as is or over rice for a full meal GF

11 Beef Bone Broth – Available Thursday through Sunday

Smith Angus Farm marrow bones slow cooked in spring water, apple cider vinegar and a piece of kombu GF




11 Greens Bake

inspired by spanakopita filling – we use local seasonal field greens, local eggs and feta cheese  GF, Veg

8 Field Greens Pie (Xortopita)

A classic dish from northern greece – we use local seasonal greens and mix with a touch of local egg and feta – then wap in filo dough ad bake till golden.  this time of year we are getting mustard greens, kale, spinach, chickweed … soon we’ll have beet greens!  Spring is a great time for this pie <3

5 Tzatziki

Our thick greek yogurt, hand grated cucumbers, chopped garlic and EVOO GF, Veg

4 Hummus

Made from scratch – our version is lemony and garlicy !  GF, V

5 Chicken Salad

Made in house simply with mayo, grated carrot and Screech Owl cutting celery – delish!  GF

10 or 12  Falafel – a dozen minis(10)  or regular size (12)

Our falafel are made from scratch in house – tasty and GF to boot!  Delivered cold can be easily reheated in oven or toaster oven or pan.  the microwave works in a pinch




9 OR 17  Moussaka

Everyone’s favorite greek eggplant casserole.  A layer of roasted eggplant, a layer of local ground beef seasoned with parsley, garlic, onions and fresh grated tomatoes and topped with a decadent layer of bechamel.  Available as 1 lb or 2.5 lb

9 OR 17 Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie 

Our own recipe featuring a layer of local meats (ground beef, bits of brisket and shoulder roasts and hot sausage) topped with locally grown sweet potatoes mashed. Available as 1 lb or 2.5 lb GF

9 or 17 Shepard’s Pie with regular mashed potatoes

There are folks in this universe who prefer white potatoes to sweet potatoes …. what???  I know it’s hard to believe – but we’re here to please:)  Our delicious local meat mix on the bottom and decadent mashed potatoes on top

8 or 16 Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie – vegetarian or turkey lentil

A lighter beef and pork free version of our shepard’s pie, a layer of spiced lentils with carrot and garlic and plenty of turmeric topped with locally grown sweet potatoes – the turkey version features Lilly Den farm roasted turkey breast and lentils. Available as 1 lb or 2.5 lb  GF

8 OR 16 Pastichio (Greek Lasagna)

A traditional greek dish.  layered hollow noodles dressed with bechamel and local ground beef seasoned with fresh onions, garlic, parsley and a touch of cinnamon and all topped with a layer of decadent bechamel. Available as 1 lb or 2.5 lb


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