Weekly Menu August 29



All soup prices include a $1.50 mason jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar

8  Avgolemono – greek chicken soup

One of our signature items featuring homemade chicken broth, plenty of chicken, local eggs and fresh lemon juice to create the traditional creamy soup with no dairy!  GF

6  Lentil Soup

Our version of lentil soup includes plenty of turmeric, carrots, garlic and onion (vegan, GF)

7.5  Mushroom Soup

A wonderful coconut milk vegetable broth packed with mushrooms from Woodfruit (vegan, GF)

All soup prices include a $1.50 mason jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar


5  Tzatziki

Our thick greek yogurt, hand grated cucumbers, chopped garlic and EVOO GF, Veg

4  Hummus

Made from scratch – this week we are offering plain and roasted green chile hummus Vegan, GF

6  Greens Bake

A wonderful mix of field greens including beet greens from several farmers, Granite Springs Farm swiss chard and kale, Screech Owl dandelion greens and bok choy, and plenty of grated carrots. – it’s delish!

6  Chicken Salad

Our chicken salad is simply Cliff’s chicken, grated carrots, Screech Owl cutting celery and a touch of mayo.  🙂  (GF)

4  Field Peas with bacon

Four Oaks Farm freshly shelled field peas cooked with Katherine’s Garden bacon – meant to be eaten together! (GF)

3 – 5 Boiled Peanuts from Avery Farm

lightly salted fresh boiled green peanuts 🙂  Come by and sample this NC treat

7  Screech Owl Decadent Key Lime Pie!

Screech Owl Greenhouse has secret key lime trees and we are the lucky recipients of his key limes.  We use these tasty limes to make a pucker up key lime pie 🙂


9/18  Moussaka or Pastichio

Come and get yours, this batch made with firsthand foods ground beef, Screech Owl parsley and tomato, Webster Farm eggplant (or pastichio noodles) and homeland creamery milk.

9/18  Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

Our popular casserole – always perfect with a fresh salad.  the base is Smith Angus Farm ground beef and brisket and Katherine’s Garden hot sausage all topped with mashed sweet potatoes

12 Macaroni and Cheese

Our 2.5# container of decadent macaroni and cheese, all hand grated monterey jack and sharp cheddar

10 Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Our 1# container of delicious mac n cheese loaded with Maine lobster pieces!  Order early – limited availability


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