Weekly Menu March 26



All soup prices include a $1.50 mason jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar

8  Avgolemono – greek chicken soup

One of our signature items featuring homemade chicken broth, plenty of chicken, local eggs and fresh lemon juice to create the traditional creamy soup with no dairy!  (GF)

6  Lentil Soup

Our version of lentil soup includes plenty of turmeric, carrots, garlic and onion (vegan, GF)

8 Tom Kha Gai

Our homemade chicken broth, local lemon grass and ginger, Screech dried thai peppers and plenty of chicken, finished with a rich coconut milk. (dairy free, GF)

All soup prices include a $1.50 mason jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar


5  Tzatziki

Our thick greek yogurt, hand grated cucumbers, chopped garlic and EVOO (GF, Veg)

5 Hummus

Our homemade hummus with a lemon kick 🙂 and EVOO (GF, Vegan)

6 Greens bake

like spanakopita filling, but made using local seasonal greens like dandelion greens, spinach, swiss chard, etc.  Baked “naked” (no filo dough) in muffin tins (GF, Veg)

6 Chicken salad

Cliff’s chicken, In Good Heart Farm cutting celery and a touch of mayo (GF)

5 Gigantes 

Large white beans baked with Screech Owl tomato, In Good Heart Farm fresh herbs.  Enjoy cold, warm or hot  A wonderful greek lenten dish (vegan, GF)

7 Taramosalata (Greek caviar dip)

Carp roe caviar, extra virgin olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and Chicken Bridge bakery bread.  This is a classic greek dip and a lenten favorite! I’ll be sure to have samples at market



9/18  Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

Our popular casserole – always perfect with a fresh salad.  the base is Smith Angus Farm ground beef and brisket and Katherine’s Garden hot sausage all topped with mashed sweet potatoes (GF)

9/18 Moussaka or Pastichio

Popular greek casseroles packed in convenient containers for your freezer.  An easy go to meal with no additives or preservatives.  The moussaka casserole starts with a layer of local roasted eggplant topped with a layer of local seasoned ground beef and all topped with a decadent layer of bechamel.  The pastichio is how greeks make lasagna!  It starts with a layer of hollow noodles dressed with bechamel and parmesean, then a layer of the local seasoned ground beef and all topped with bechamel.







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