About Angelina’s Kitchen

inside-stainedglassAngelina’s Kitchen strives to offer healthy, affordablein season and local food with a Greek and Southwestern flair for the folks of Chatham County. We work with farmers from around our area to bring you everything under the Chatham Sun!

We are currently working hard to build up our Grab n Go – the same healthy, seasonal, sustainable local farm food packaged for you to take home and enjoy.  

Baklava dressed up for a party

Come on by and taste the REAL local difference – food is always best when it comes from a farm nearby and is produced by real folks you know and love.

We invite you to check out some of our farmers and to support our many local farmers markets! Many of our farmers have websites and you can find these on the Our Farmers page. We’re always interested in meeting to other farmers in the area. Stop in and say hi!

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