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  1. Thank you for purchasing our kale last Saturday. Please let us know how it was and if there is anything you would like in the future.

    We appreciate your business.

    -charlie and katie-

  2. angelinakitchen says:

    Your kale is gorgeous! we are cooking some of it now for our next batch of xortopita (field greens pie) and are saving some for our vegetable dujour. You guys are doing an amazing job and we look forward to more lovely veggies from you – thanks!

  3. Candace says:

    I bought the moussaka at fearrington farmers market today and did not see the eggplant that is listed on ingredients. The squash soup was very good.

    • angelinakitchen says:

      Hello Candace
      I apologize for the moussaka not meeting your expectations. I will bake off another casserole from the same batch and see whats going on. we do cut the eggplant into small cubes and roast before incorporating into the casserole. Please come by the stand next week for a coupon good towards your next purchase. And glad you liked the soup!
      thanks Angelina

  4. Kathy Morris says:

    I am truly grateful for your fresh and delicious and healthful food. May you and all you assistants and cooks flourish and prosper.

  5. Mary Garren says:

    I just finished the Sweet Potato Shepherd’s pie. Very delicious and perfect for a rainy night. I was glad to have it in my freezer to pull out so I didn’t have to cook or go out. Also finished a giant slice of awesome caramel cake I picked up this week for lunch at A’s in Pittsboro. I hope I can continue to get the shepherd’s pie and caramel cake in the future.

  6. Darcey Moore says:

    Excellent food as always. Angelina puts much love in her food. Always purchasing from the local farmers. We love and eat each week at her place. Also cater and bring home food. My work caters from her-please consider having her cater. Thanks Ang for the great food and love that you put into your food.

  7. Dee McCullough says:

    Will you consider vegetarian moussaka with slices of eggplant rather than cubes? The slices will be like “meat” for the filling.
    Thanks for your obvious attention to health and helping the local economy!
    Best regards,

    • angelinakitchen says:

      Hello Dee,
      we currently do make a vegetarian moussaka (and even a vegan moussaka upon request). We use a mushroom ragu in place of the meat. We stick with the cubed eggplant as the base because we can serve more uniform pieces. We’d be happy to make you a pan of just sliced eggplany moussaka – call the shop and ask for Angelina πŸ™‚

  8. Steve Smith says:

    I have to go to Chapel Hill to get a genuine horiatiki Greek salad or a gyro made with lamb. I would love to find these in Pittsboro.

    • angelinakitchen says:

      Hello Steve
      Thank you for your feedback. We are a small shop in a still small town so we do have a limited menu. When we have good local tomatoes I’d be happy to make you a xoryiatiki salata – all you have to do is ask πŸ™‚ The lamb gyro is a different story. From time to time we do a wonderful lamb roast, on those occasions we do offer a lamb gyro. However we only source lamb from a few select local farms (never from box stores or big suppliers). the demand for lamb and goat locally is slim so we only do this about 6 times a year. I hope luck is on your side on your next visit and we have lamb. I would love your feedback on our version of a lamb gyro!

  9. Victoria Chall says:

    John Makowski and I will hang the new exhibit of my Art Works Thursday June 29th. 9am. This is John’s only day to do it.
    Cannot wait to see how it will grace your restaurant!.
    love, Vic Chall

  10. sharon says:

    My son and family are foodies and clearly shun my cooking. (sigh) So, I usually take them out rather than feel inadequate πŸ™‚ But I really love having them in my home, so this weekend for my son’s 49th birthday, I ordered favorites from Angelina’s Kitchen. Well, introducing them to her magic was a great success. They enjoyed the whole meal, from the humus appetizer to the birthday cake I made stacking baklava. Maybe I should have said I made the meal! Thank you, dear Angelina’s. Loving gratitude to you.

  11. Beverly Wilson says:

    Angelina loved the chicken noodle soup. These days given the health concerns, it is comforting and delicious!!

  12. Sara Kane says:

    Your restaurant is a treasure. Your food is a blessing. Love is the secret ingredient Live long and prosper! xxoo

  13. Rachel Smith says:

    I just finished the most amazing piece of chocolate cake that Angelina cut fresh for me for lunch. It was the perfect level of sweetness, the cake was deliciously moist, and I am so happy. The rest of my lunch was delicious as expected and pick up was safe and easy. Thank you for making my day!

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