Tuesday, Jul 30

woowhooo – a beautiful day on tap and a great menu to match!

$5 Special – A cup of Lentil soup with 1/2 grilled pita and your choice of roasted sweet pepper hummous or green chile hummous

Chile Shack John’s Famous Spicy beef and Spicy beans! – enjoy our take on a new mexican classic – John’s Spicy beef mix with Smith Angus Farm ground beef and Screech Owl roasted green chiles OR John’s excellent spicy pinto benas with Screech owl roasted chiles and tomato.   Enjoy eith the meat or bean version on a bed of fritos (FRITO PIE) or in a TACO SALAD.  Frto Pie $6.75  Taco Salad $8  scoop yogurt or grated cheese upon request

$8.50 Smith Angus Farm Slow Roasted Beef brisket served on a grilled pita with your choice of three toppings

RICE BOWL – our signature brown rice bowl with your choice of any or all of the dishes below. $7.75 veggie only $8.75 with meat

  • Green Chile Beef Stew
  • Lentils with carrots and extra turmeric
  • Smith Angus Farm slow roasted beef brisket
  • Greens Bake
  • Braised cabbage with Caliburn Farm carrots and Screech owl tomato
  • Spicy beef or Spicy vegan pinto beans


  • Green Chile Beef Stew – our local beef stew with local beef, local green chiles, corn, onions, carrots and beans $5
  • Lentil Soup – Our signature lentil soup, good any day, with plenty of carrots and turmeric for our bodies $3.25
  • Avgolemono (Greek Chicken Soup) – a classic greek soup found in every greek home, made with homemade chicken broth and local eggs and fresh lemon juice. $4


  • Joan Thompson’s Cookies best in the county! 2 for $1
  • Katie B Bakes Cheese Cake $4
  • Olive Oil Double Chocolate Brownies $1.50
  • LIBBA’S CREATIONS – awesome gluten free vegan RAW mindful sugars dessert bars
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