Weekly Menu Oct 30


All soup prices include a $1.50 mason jar deposit fee – refundable when you return the jar

7.50 Avgolemono – greek chicken soup

One of our signature items featuring homemade chicken broth, plenty of chicken, local eggs and fresh lemon juice to create the traditional creamy soup with no dairy!  GF

6 Lentil Soup

Our version of lentil soup includes plenty of turmeric, carrots, garlic and onion GF, V

8 Green Chile Beef Stew

Screech Owl roasted anaheims and poblanos cooked in a nutrient full local beef bone broth, lots of Smith Angus Farm stew beef and veggies.  great as a rich soup or serve over rice for a full meal  GF

7.50 Butternut Squash Sweet Red Italian Pepper Soup

Beautiful butternut squash from Katherine’s Garden blended into a smooth rich savory soup with a layer of Screech Owl sweet italian pepper coulis. sold with a 2oz side of thick greek yogurt to stir in just before serving.  GF, V

7.50 Cohen Farm Black Bean Soup

Jose at Cohen Farm worked VERY HARD to grow and harvest these delicious organic black beans.  Simply prepared so you can use as is or as a recipe starter – vegetable broth, garlic, onion and grated carrot.  These fresh black beans are so much better than anything in any store

6 Cohen Farm Black Beans **PRE ORDER ONLY**

Direct from Cohen Farm one pound of Jose’s Black Beans so you can cook at home.  No need to over night soak – these beans cook well within 2 hours or so.  A quick 2 hour soak will cut that time in half.




5 Tzatziki

Our thick greek yogurt, hand grated cucumbers, chopped garlic and EVOO GF, Veg

Falafel   $6 for 1/2 dozen  $11 for dozen  *** PRE ORDER ONLY***

Our falafel are made from scratch in house – tasty and GF to boot!  Delivered cold can be easily reheated in oven or toaster oven or pan.  the microwave works in a pinch GF, V

11 Greens Bake

The greens are finally back!!!  Edible Earthscapes beet greens, Billy Mason kale and rainbow swiss chard, Screech Owl Greenhouse bok choy and dandelion greens and Peaceful River Farm broccoli greens – all in this weeks green bake GF, veg

6 Chicken Salad

Back by popular demand – our chicken salad is simply Cliff’s chicken, grated carrots, Screech Owl cutting celery and a touch of mayo.  🙂

4 Screech Owl Burritos – refrigerated (available at Western Wake Farmers Market) it’s a good idea to pre order – these run out fast!

Enjoy this addictive burrito thanks to Screech Owl’s delicious roasted anaheims and poblanos!  The vegan version features pinto beans, Screech tomatoes, Screech roasted chiles and Chile Shack John’s magic seasonings touch.  The meat version features Smith Angus Farm ground beef, Screech Owl’s roasted chiles and some more delicious spice!



9 or 18 Moussaka

A layer of roasted eggplant from Screech Owl and Webster farm, a layer of Smith Angus farm ground beef seasoned with parsley, garlic, onions and fresh grated tomatoes and topped with a decadent layer of bechamel.  Available as 2.5 lb or 1 lb

9 or 18 Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

Enjoy this 95%local dish – made with Granite Springs Farm sweet potatoes, Smith Angus Farm ground beef and roasts, Lilly Den far hot sausage GF

6 or 11 Mac and Cheese

Our delicious version features hand grated cheese monterey jack cheese and mozzarella cheese.  Some of the casseroles have steamed broccoli from Silk Hope Organic Farm



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